L’IPSAAR “Carlo Ubertini”

The professional state school for tourism and restaurant services “C. Ubertini” is a school which prepares futures operators in the tourism and restaurant reality in constant evolution, which offers interesting professional   work opportunities


The institute was created in the school year 1997/8 following the separation from G. Colombatto in Turin. In the school year 1999/2000 it became the building associated with the “C. Ubertini” Agrarian Institute in Caluso.

The creation of a hotel school in the Chivasso area became necessary owing to the great demand of the families finalized in obtaining an autonomous school premises outside the Turin area, closely linked to the territory and  to create a valid alternative, a hotel catering school in a context still mainly agricultural-industrial.

The food and wine proposals in the Canavese area can be considered of absolute value for the cultural heritage of  Piedmont, and the Institute has succeeded in this decade of activity in representing cases of innovation through the proposal of recipes linked to the respect of the tradition and the valorization of typical products of the area.

At the moment the Institute has 390 students divided into 3 first classes , 3 second classes, 3 third classes representing two professional study choices (cooks and waiters), 3 fourth classes with a technical programme with restaurant services and two fifth classes.

The building  in Via Ajma  Chivasso hosts a kitchen laboratory with modern equipment, with a washing area, a pastry laboratory, a spacious restaurant lounge and a corresponding office, an American bar, a food reception and storage area, a front office and an entrance and a computer laboratory.

The school promotes and participates with its students in different cultural initiatives also in collaboration with local organizations on the territory and inside the school itself, and participates in national and regional food and wine and touristic competitions and for several years has been a member of AEHT, the European Association of Hotel Catering Schools.


PROFILE. Upon completion of food and wine and hotel hospitality services the students will work in all the companies where hot or cold dishes are required, the reception and assistance of customers during meals in addition to lounge bar service. The different choices for this diploma such as food and wine, lounge and sales services and the reception of tourists will offer students specific capacities directly applied to working contexts which require good cultural ability together with technical practice. The diploma will allow access to university as well as the possibility to participate in public competitions and to manage one’s own business.


The first two year period, 1st and 2nd year

The second two year period, 3rd and 4th year

The third one year period, 5th year

THE FIRST TWO YEAR PERIOD is finalized in attaining the knowledge and relative skills in the core subjects of compulsory education. The subjects related to this particular school are based on laboratory methodology to favour both the theory and practical skills in real work situations

THE SECOND TWO YEAR PERIOD allows a link between instruction programme and professional formation. The subjects take on a specific and more in–depth character. In this cycle of studies it’s possible to attain at the end of the 3rd year the regional qualification diploma (optional) recognized at the national level for:

  • Food and wine operator

  • Lounge services and sales operator

  • Tourist reception operator

FIFTH YEAR.  The single year is finalized in the acquisition of an adequate professional competence in the sector, suitable both for direct insertion in the world of work and for the pursual of university studies.

In these years the relationship between school and the world of work is intensified.  In fact, besides traditional teaching the following activities are carried out:

  • Lessons with experts who operate in the restaurant and alimentation sectors

  • Intensive stages carried out in companies and organizations in the sector



Food and wine services, in the second two years and the fifth year, give greater weight to specific laboratories, and allow  more in-depth knowledge in the sector, they promote the local, national and international traditions and identify new food and wine tendencies.

Lounge and sales services, in the second two years and the fifth year, give greater weight to specific laboratories, and allow more in-depth knowledge of the sector and to interpret the development of the food and wine chains to conform production and sales to market and customer requests, valorizing typical products.

Tourist reception services, in the second two years and the fifth year, give greater weight to specific laboratories, and allow more in-depth knowledge in the sector and to promote touristic hotel reception also through the design of touristic products which valorize the resources of the territory.


The school building in Chivasso has modern and functional structures, a result of the Institute Council’s choices and investments made in the last years. These structures consent the execution of different exercises which permit the application and direct in-depth study of the practical aspects of the topics in the curriculum, in harmony with that prescribed by the school regulations of professional institutes.


This is the main area dedicated to the preparation of food.

It is furnished with the fundamental equipment such as that for cold production (thermal blast), or that for food preparation (mincer, slicers, cutter, scales, planetary mixer), or, especially those for cooking ( fryers, ovens and an efficient cooking block with many hobs).

We shouldn’t forget all the utensils available to the students such as ladles, knives and pans.


An area adjacent to the main kitchen, equipped with ovens, hobs and pasteurizer/batch freezer for ice cream.

The area is equipped with the most important pastry utensils such as molds of every shape, cake circles, various nozzles for cakes and rings for pies.


This is the area dedicated to the preparation of mixed drinks, cocktails.

The bar counter is modern and complete with all the equipment and material necessary for the art which distinguishes the professional figure of the barman.